Razzle Dazzle
Season One, Episode One

Publication date January 29, 2014
Written by Mintski

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N/A Tone-Deaf
Razzle Dazzle is the first chapter of Losers' first season and the first chapter overall. It premiered on January 29, 2014.

Broadway failure, Samantha Brown, tries to earn enough money to afford living in Las Vegas, the city that she has her sights on. Samantha takes on a job of show choir director for a local high school, and she is determined to do everything in her power to win Nationals and get her promised bonus. Samantha, along with her niece, Julia Weber, try to recruit members for the school's new Glee club, and encounter more hardships than expected. This chapter introduces major plot lines such as:Samantha's ambition and goals, Gwen and Ethan's friendship, Yuri's strange behaviour, and new friendships that blossom.

This chapter was written by Mintski.


Samantha who was doing fine on Broadway, until the day she started a ridiculous feud with the producer. This turned out to be the end of her career on Braodway as no one wanted to work with her anymore. Having failed she now has to return home to her parents house which Samantha is not looking forward to do but she is not ready to give up her dream of becoming a successful performer or actress this time in Los Angeles.

At the family dinner Samantha notices her 16 year old niece Julia staring at her. When Samantha asks her what she is staring at Julia begins to ask her some questions about Broadway and Los Angeles. The conversation comes soon to an end when Samantha starts using swear words and her sister Sarah's reaction causes her to storm out of the room angrily, knocking down her chair in the process. Julia however is not impressed by her behaviour and continues eating.


Song Title Original Artist Performer(s)
Brave Sara Bareilles Julia Weber
Paparazzi Lady Gaga Gwen Days and Ethan Good
On Top Of The World Imagine Dragons Julia Weber, Melody Jackson, Rafael Medina, Gwen Days, and Liam Days.