Melody Jackson
General Information

Gender Female
Age 14
Sexuality Straight

Hair color Brown
Eye color Green

First appearance Razzle Dazzle
Last appearance Unknown

Portrayer AlyceInWonderland

Melody Jackson is a main character on the fanfiction Losers.


Season OneEdit

Razzle DazzleEdit

She is first seen in class looking at Liam and remembering him from a couple of years before. Later, she auditions for the Glee club in the auditorium with an unknown song. At the end of the episode, she performs On Top Of The World with the other members of the club.


She, as well as Liam, is uncomfortable with doing a "sexy and controversial" performance to the school students to bring more members to the club. It is decided then that they both will sing another song at the parent teacher assembly. When Melody goes to Liam's place to practise - since her parents don't let her bring boys home -, she is slightly unnerved by his black cat. She asks him about his relationship with Gwen, receiving a vague answer of "we used to be really close, but one day she just stopped talking with me". She then states she's an only child, and they both get to work. They also watch the other members of the club's performance of You Make Me Feel, which excites Melody.

When she, Liam, and Yuri are working on a song by the piano, Julia and Gwen show up to help, and the four of them - minus Yuri - sing Imagine.






Solos (In a Group Number)Edit

Season One
Song Episode Solos with
On Top Of The World Razzle Dazzle Gwen, JuliaRafael and Liam
Imagine Tone-Deaf Gwen, Julia and Liam

Back-up VocalsEdit