Liam Days
General Information

Gender Male
Age 15
Sexuality Straight

Hair color Unknown
Eye color Unknown

First appearance Razzle Dazzle
Last appearance Unknown

Portrayer RamerV

Liam Days is a main character on the fanfiction Losers.


Season OneEdit

Razzle DazzleEdit

In his first appearance, Liam is reassuring himself that he can get through school. When he sat down at his table in class, he thought he spotted an old friend, but didn't have the opportunity to investigate further as the teacher arrived. Next, it's stated that he enjoyed the performance of Brave at school, and he signs up for the Glee club, noting the quarterback's name also being on the list and also his sister's. This is the first sign of there being a bad relationship between the two Days siblings.

When walking into the auditorium, Liam recognizes the pianist as Yuri as goes to give him a hug, only to be stopped by the show choir director and asked not to hassle the pianist. He apologizes and introducing himself before auditioning. Once the list of the people who would join the show choir was posted, Liam went to check it out, seeing his sister on her way to do so and noticing a little crush Yuri seemed to have on Gwen.

He received a suprise peck on the lips by an Asian-looking girl in the middle of the hallway, granting him a suspension since a teacher saw it happening, and causing him to miss Glee practice.

In the end of the episode, he sings On Top Of The World with rest of the members of the club.


When Gwen suggests they do something "sexy and controversial" for their number to brings more members, Liam speaks up for him and Melody, saying that they were both umconfortable with that. It is established then that they will both sing something else at a parent teache assembly. Later, Melody is at Liam's house for them to practise, and he is asked what was it with his relationship with Gwen, to which he admitted that they had been close until she had stopped talking to him.

They both watched the other members of the Glee club perform You Make Me Feel to the school. When a girl took Gwen's place in the song, Liam recognized her as the Asian girl who had kissed him and lets out "That bitch from yesterday!", earning himself another detention. When he went to fulfill it, he found Yuri there reading. After noticing Liam, the boy went away, leaving Liam wonder what he had been doing

The next day, Liam, Melody, and Yuri were practising their song when Gwen and Julia showed up to help. Liam was very suspicious as to why his sister was being helpful, but sang Imagine with them, anyway.






Solos (In a Group Number)Edit

Season One
Song Episode Solos with
On Top Of The World Razzle Dazzle Melody, JuliaRafael and Gwen
Imagine Tone-Deaf Melody, Julia and Gwen

Back-up VocalsEdit