Julia Weber
General Information

Gender Female
Age 16
Sexuality Unknown

Hair color Red
Eye color Green

First appearance Razzle Dazzle
Last appearance Unknown

Portrayer WhatDoYouCallHer?Oh,Nadine

Julia Weber is a main character on the fanfiction Losers. She is currrently a sophomore at Riverside High School. She is considered the de facto leader of the school's Glee club, the Supernovas.


Season OneEdit

Razzle DazzleEdit

When her aunt Samantha returns from Broaway after having a feud with a producer and therefore ending her carreer, Julia asks her questions about Los Angeles and Broadway. The conversation ends with Samantha storming out, and Julia being unimpressed. Later, when her aunt visits her again saying that she needs a part-time job, Julia suggests her to be the director of a show choir in her high school. This leads to Samantha agreeing and auditions being held in the school's auditorium, which weren't very successful.

Julia gives the show choir their name: The Supernovas, and performs Brave at school in hopes of getting people to join. This plan works, and she is later seen performing On Top Of The World with other members of the club.


The episode starts with Julia and Yuri by the piano, working on a song, and she questions him as to why he doesn't speak, only receiving a shrug as an answer. Later, she agrees with Gwen when she suggests something sexy and controversial for them to sing to the other students and attract more members. She joins Gwen in order to help Liam, Yuri, and Melody with their song, and all of them - except Yuri - sing Imagine.

After an unknown boy sings Roar for their Glee club, Julia claims she will not let him join, because she thinks he is a "spotlight stealer".

Gaga is the DopeEdit






Solos (In a Group Number)Edit

Season One
Song Episode Solos with
On Top Of The World Razzle Dazzle Melody, Rafael, Gwen and Liam
Imagine Tone-Deaf Melody, Gwen and Liam
Applause Gaga is the Dope Gwen and Yuri

Back-up VocalsEdit


  • Julia is the very first member of the Supernovas.