Ethan Good
General Information

Gender Male
Age 18
Sexuality Gay

Hair color Blonde
Eye color Green

First appearance Razzle Dazzle
Last appearance Unknown

Portrayer Crackshiplover

Ethan Good is a main character on the fanfiction Losers.


Season OneEdit

Razzle DazzleEdit

Ethan is first seen under a tree, waiting for Gwen so she could help him with his audition for the Glee club. When she arrives, they sing an acoustic version of Lady Gaga's Paparazzi. When he later enters the auditiorium for his real audition, he gets nervous and trips over his words, forgetting the name of the song, but gets through.

Later, Ethan sees Rafael and starts a conversation with him about being in Glee club, earning himself a compliment from the other boy and getting a bit nervous again. When Rafael walks away, Ethan mutters under his breath “Hot and snarky, my type”.


When the Glee club is faced with the problem of having to recruit more members, Ethan suggests they perform in front of the school. Seeing Melody's and Liam's discomfort with Gwen's idea of something "sexy and controversial", he tells them they could do a separate number at the parent teachers assembly.

Ethan pulls Leo under a staircase and kisses him, saying he needs help with a Glee club performance.

During You Make Me Feel, he helps the girl who steals Gwen's lines in the song, later on asking the girl, Catherine, to join Glee. She sits on his lap as she accepts.

When the football coach says they need a new quarterback, Ethan gladly volunteers himself for the position, only to have another player to dismiss the idea of having a gay quarterback and turns everyone else against Ethan. He then pays Gwen a visit and tells her what happened, and she says she'll take care of it. When he was in the football field, Gwen and Leo show up and sing Same Love, bringing him to tears. The performance ends with the three of them being kicked out of the field.






Solo (in a Group Number)Edit

Back-up VocalsEdit